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Citizen Elegant Mens Watch Silver Black AT8110-61E

Citizen Elegant Mens Watch silver black

Since the beginning of the last century, the Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen has tried to breathe life into its motto"Better starts now" every day. With the company's own multicultural way of thinking, the company always manages to produce creative and innovative masterpieces. This is also the case with this elegant chronograph, which combines state-of-the-art technology and classic design. Particularly noteworthy is the ultra-precise radio-controlled quartz movement with Eco-Drive drive. Thanks to Citizen's own Eco-Drive technology, there is no need to change batteries, which saves follow-up costs and protects the environment. The technology is extremely well thought-out and, thanks to an energy-saving function and a standby mode, can guarantee the continuous power supply of the chonograph even in dark days.
Model Number AT8110-61E
Colour silver
Brand Citizen
Material Stainless Steel
Watchcase Material Stainless Steel
Surface polished
Movement Eco-Drive
Watch Type Chronograph
Width Watch Strap 21.0 mm
Face Colour black
Figures none
Water Density 10 bar
Watchcase Diameter 43.0 mm
Weight approx. 153.0 g
eco drive

How does Eco-Drive work?

Light is time! Sunlight or artificial light penetrates the transparent dial, is converted into drive energy by the highly sensitive light cell and transmitted to the precise quartz movement or stored in a powerful, rechargeable microcell. Just one minute of light is enough to start the Eco-Drive propulsion.

What are the advantages of an Eco-Drive watch?

  • Eco-Drive uses every kind of light for propulsion and is therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Eco-Drive saves the user the battery change and therefore follow-up costs.
  • Thanks to the dark power reserve, the watch can also withstand longer periods without exposure to light.
  • By eliminating the need to change batteries, millions of disposable batteries are saved annually and hazardous waste is avoided.
  • Eco-Drive watches have an energy saving function that automatically turns on in low light conditions or when the watches are kept in the dark.
  • The hands stop, but the movement continues to run in the background. This saves up to 80% energy.
  • The charge state function informs the user through the movement rhythm of the second hand that the watch needs light again to fully charge.
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