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You like jewellery and are totally into the characters from the Disney movies? Then you'll love the Disney collection from PANDORA! Let the world of Mickey, Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell carry you away and discover your new favourite jewellery in our online shop! All jewellery pieces are made in the proven PANDORA quality and inspire with beautiful designs, colourful accents and sparkling zirconia stones.

Disney jewellery by PANDORA - immerse yourself in a magical world

High-quality jewellery is sure to make anyone’s eyes sparkle with joy. And the variety of cheerful and colourful Disney motifs will definitely sweep you off your feet. The Disney jewellery by PANDORA is going to bring back precious childhood memories. At THE JEWELLER you can buy various Disney charms, which are playful yet elegant. No need to worry about looking tacky, since the exquisite jewellery from the PANDORA Disney collection stands out for all the right reasons, but particularly for their creative designs and a timeless elegant look. Designed with attention to detail and quality in mind: In the blink of an eye your favorite Disney characters will find their way to your wrist. From the Lady and the Tramp to Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell, buy unique and creative Disney charms that match your personality. Decorated with sparkling stones and made of real sterling silver, these little characters are real eye-catchers and act as the perfect addition to your current jewellery selection.

Buy Disney charms - Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and many more for your wrist

What do Madame Pottine from "The Beauty and the Beast", Simba from "The Lion King" and Winnie the Pooh all have in common? You can buy all three as Disney charms to magically embellish your PANDORA bracelet. THE JEWELLER offers a large selection of different Disney charms for you to choose from, all of which will impress you with their elegant and playful designs. From colourful versions with shimmering crystals, to more delicate charms amidst fine ornaments or even rather reserved in plain sterling silver? Decide for yourself which Disney jewellery by PANDORA suits you best. Prepare for a wide range of jewellery including all your personal Disney favorites, which will win you over with their high quality. Choose from classic characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse or more recent ones such as Olaf the Snowman. On top of that, also available as Disney jewellery from PANDORA are delicate charms with shimmering stones, heart-shaped options or even ones featuring typical Disney sayings.

Disney jewellery by PANDORA - wonderful gifts for the young and old

Whether simple or extraordinary, monochrome or multi-coloured – the sky is the limit when it comes to our Disney jewellery by PANDORA. Combine the twinkling accessories with any outfit of your choice or make someone else leap for joy by giving them away. When trying to buy Disney charms made of real sterling silver, THE JEWELLER is the place to turn to. Dangling charms such as the magical lamp from "Aladdin", striking Mickey Mouse shaped eye-catchers studded with stones or playful keypieces such as Fabius from "Ariel the Mermaid". Die-hard Disney fans are sure to enjoy the high-quality Disney charms by PANDORA. A meaningful gift even for the youngest among us. Put a smile on the face of your godchild or little sister by buying one of our many Disney charms - for an unforgettable gift.