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You like striking looks and are always trendy in terms of styling? Then you might like our jewellery from the category Street Gang! Here you will find exclusive king chains and bracelets, effective rings and earrings with the matching bling style. Let yourself be inspired by the trendy jewellery from the Strassenbande collection during an exploration tour through our online shop and find your favourite.

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Trendy jewellery from the category Street Gang - for impressive moments

Whether it's a cool silver bracelet, a striking lion ring or a grand king chain: The eye-catching and masculine jewellery from the category Street Gang will certainly prove your remarkable sense of style and fashion-forwardness. The high-quality and trendy jewellery emphasizes your edgy and laid-back appearance, while proving that tasteful accessories are no longer solely for women. Many famous A-list celebrities are die-hard fans of casual and cool jewellery pieces. Ranging from famous actors like Johnny Depp to real rockstars like Sting and others - they all know about the aesthetic effect of masculine jewellery pieces, which they use to their advantage. Set new fashion standards with necklaces, bracelets and rings from the Street Gang category. Impress friends, family and colleagues with your new stylish and extraordinary accessories. At THE JEWELLER, we attach great importance to offering a large selection of outstanding jewellery, professional advice and courteous customer service: for the style you deserve.

Striking gold and silver rings from the category Street Gang - masculine jewellery

The right ring adds that certain something to your outfit. Whether it's a delicate woman's or a strong man's hand: THE JEWELLER offers a wide range of trendy jewellery from the Street Gang category that suits anyone. So, how about an impressive men's ring with a gold-plated or IP black coated lion head? A real eye-catcher! Masculine jewellery with inlaid steel ropes, as well as detailed skull rings including matt and polished elements, make for breathtaking moments and underline your extraordinary character. If, on the other hand, you prefer something simpler, you should go for our high-quality stainless steel rings. These more casual pieces are just as eye-catching, while also offering an overall timeless look. With or without engraving, flashy or discreet, modern or rustic – whatever your preference, the Street Gang category convinces with jewellery that is true to you. Make a strong statement with trendy accessories: Impress your peers with your cool attitude and choose your perfect ring from our diverse range – be edgy, be real!

Massive and casual chains for men and women - trendy jewellery

Are you looking for a masculine piece of jewellery that is both comfortable to wear and convincing in terms of design and style? Then the massive statement chains from the Street Gang category are just the thing for you. Imposing, simple or striking: At THE JEWELLER you will find a huge variety of strong and trendy pieces. Whether you are seeking a high-quality police chain made of stainless steel or an impressive armour chain made of 925 sterling silver: The cool accessories from the category Street Gang will definitely get you your money's worth. The masculine jewellery pieces skillfully underline your manliness and allow you to show off your unique personality. The top-class chains round off your stylish outfit, guaranteeing the ultimate look. By all means, these modern pieces of jewellery can also be worn by the trend-aware woman. Real fashionistas and men alike swear by the fashionable effect of these chains.