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Engagement Rings

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You plan to propose to your girlfriend and you are looking for the right engagement ring? Then you've come to the right place! In our online shop you will find a large selection of engagement rings made of various materials, such as gold, silver and platinum. They are also adorned with real diamonds or zirconia stones, the sparkles of which form an appealing contrast to the attractive shine of the precious metals. With our engagement rings your proposal will be unforgettable!

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Marriage is back in fashion in Germany. More and more people are preparing for the festival of love. But before you can be married together, one of the partners has to dare something - to propose to the other. THE JEWELLER supports you in this important step in your life with a range of high-quality engagement rings. Before you decide on a model, however, there are a few practical questions: How do I know what my partner likes? How do I determine the correct ring size? Such details need some planning, although THE JEWELLER knows: With an engagement ring from Unique Jewelry you will finally conquer the heart of your future wife or husband!

The matching engagement ring makes the application easier

There's hardly anything bigger in life than your own wedding. The demands on an engagement ring are correspondingly high. Thank you already now for your courage to take up this challenge! In order to present a piece of jewellery that your partner accepts as a daily companion on his finger, you must first sharpen all your senses: In front of which shop window with which expenses does your partner stop shopping? What material has he or she put on rings, perhaps out of curiosity? Draw your conclusions when buying engagement rings. Tip: If you are still tinkering with the design of the application ring, but you already have the wedding ring in front of you, then you can look specifically for a contrast or a similar engagement ring How do you know which ring size you should choose? Unfortunately, during a restless sleep of your partner it is rarely possible to measure his or her ring finger unnoticed at night. It turns out to be a better idea to ask a close (but secretive) girlfriend to to toast the subject of jewellery and the right size at the next meeting with the bride in the near future. Most jewellery wearers know what is required. An even better idea is the Multisizer from THE JEWELLER - the determination of the size is without guarantee, but is at least suitable as a double check for the two methods described above. If you as the groom in spe with design and size land a direct hit on the day of engagement, the day will certainly be unforgettable.

Engagement rings from THE JEWELLER - from simple to unusual

THE JEWELLER attaches great importance to high-quality workmanship and individual designs. As you know, tastes are different, so you don't have to limit the large selection of different designs in your ideas. There are engagement rings with and without stone, in every suitable price range and for every generation. Tip: Thanks to the sorting function in the shop, you can display the most recently released models. With a newly designed engagement ring, you don't run the risk of your partner meeting someone with a duplicate on your finger in the foreseeable future! THE JEWELLER is the manufacturer of his models, and will be happy to give you more details about a piece of jewellery. The associated knowledge also facilitates any ring size change or repair. THE JEWELLER offers engagement rings 925 silver, engagement rings 585 gold and engagement rings 750 gold in our shop.

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At THE JEWELLER you will most likely find the engagement ring you are looking for. During the ordering process, also use the possibility of free laser or diamond engraving, for example to record the name of the lover, place and/or time of the request. You can choose between 15 different fonts for engraving. THE JEWELLER supplies application rings reliably and at favourable conditions. So the shipping is free for you from a purchase value of 50 Euro. Each ring comes with an attractive and high-quality case free of charge. By the way: The possibility to order engagement rings online brings numerous advantages. You can quickly and easily order the matching silver ring for the application without the partner noticing. Apart from this, we deliver application rings reliably and at favourable conditions. High-quality engagement rings should be carefully selected because they are not only a placeholder until the wedding ring replaces them, they can also be a valuable piece of jewellery for a lifetime.