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With buttons, bracelets can always be redesigned, because these interchangeable pieces of jewellery offer variable options for every trend and fashion. Owners of a click-button bracelet can usually choose between three different buttons. These can be attached to it and removed again according to the push-button principle. This way, with a large selection of buttons, it is always possible to create jewellery that matches the outfit. The available range of buttons is particularly large so that all possible materials, colours, gemstones, patterns and shapes can be used and thus all tastes can find the right thing. Mostly, the support bracelets for the buttons are made of leather and the push buttons are made of stainless steel, which stands for a young, fashionable and affordable jewellery design. With new buttons, the bracelets can always be re-equipped and the arm jewellery never gets boring. The motifs for the buttons are taken from every area of life, so that the individual click-button bracelet can even be used to tell little stories, express important symbols of luck or faith, or simply be an eye-catching visual highlight.

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