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Jewellery encyclopedia

Welcome to our jewellery encyclopedia. Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about jewellery. If you are looking for an explanation of a specific term, we recommend our extensive jewellery glossary. If you just want to inform yourself about materials, gemstones or engravings, then we recommend our dictionaries. There you will find definitions of terms about the topics engravings, materials, stones, jewellery and watches in general as well as brands.


In our jewellery glossary, you will find all common terms from the world of jewellery. No matter if production, materials, stones, here all terms are explained in detail with pictures. Related terms can also be found quickly.

Material Science

In the chapter material science, you will find everything you need to know about materials for jewellery production. Which materials do exist and how are they processed? What are precious metals and what are their properties?

Stone Science

The chapter stone science deals with all possible stones, which are used for jewellery production. For example, what is worth knowing about diamonds, how are size and quality determined?

Jewellery Science

In the chapter jewellery science, all kinds of jewellery are explained in more detail. What are hoop earrings or what exactly does the word chunk mean? What is the difference between a curb chain and a Figaro chain, or what are charm bracelets?


In the chapter engraving, you will find everything you need to know about engraving. What possibilities are there to create engravings? From diamond engravings to laser engravings. What exactly does an engraver do?


Our guide provides you with all information that is worth to know about special topics. E.g. "What do I have to consider when buying a wedding ring" or "Wow do I keep track of the wedding jungle"?


The chapter branding provides more detailed information on the brands we carry and also deals with important events in the jewellery sector, such as jewellery fairs.