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8ct Gold

8ct Gold, which is often used as the basic material for jewellery, is a special alloy that takes advantage of the different qualities of gold and other metals. The basis of 333 gold is always 33.3% pure gold, which is where the name comes from. There are also jewellery pieces in other gold colours. Besides the classic yellow gold, there is also timeless white gold and trendy rose gold. With the last two gold tones, the desired colour shades are achieved by adding special alloying partners in certain proportions. A high proportion of silver (66.7%) produces a white gold colour, and if a little copper (13.3%) is also added, the 333 gold takes on the pale yellowish hue of yellow gold. If all three components are present in the same proportion, i.e. 33.3% each, then the colour of yellow gold is medium yellow. A higher proportion of copper (46.7%) than silver (20%) allows for an orange-gold end product and if, in addition to the 33.3% gold, only copper makes up the alloy, then the material is red gold. Besides the term "333 gold", this alloy is also referred to as 8-carat gold, 8K gold or 8-carat gold.

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