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Amethyst - An amethyst is a well-known gemstone which is very often used in the manufacture of jewellery and to which esoteric qualities are also attributed. Geologically, amethyst belongs to the mineral class of quartz crystals and is a violet variety. The amethyst has the chemical formula SiO2 and has a glass to fat shine. An amethyst is transparent to translucent, which of course qualifies it especially as a gemstone. The name of the amethyst comes from Greek and means counteracting the intoxication. This stems from the fact that the possession of an amethyst is supposed to protect against the intoxicating effect of wine. In ancient times, wine was often diluted with water, so that it got a colour like amethyst. Thanks to the dilution it was of course possible to drink considerably more of it. Amethyst is also known as a component of bishop's rings. Amethyst is very popular as a gemstone, which it owes to its purple colour. The darker the stone, the more coveted and valuable it is. Amethyst is usually cut into a faceted form for trade. In esoteric use, amethyst is often used to combat addictions and for energetic cleansing.