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Bead Bracelet

Bead bracelet
A bead bracelet is particularly individual jewellery, because it allows the owner to design his bracelet completely himself. The bracelet itself can be made of different materials like gold, silver, stainless steel, plastic or leather. The bead bracelet has a high-quality finish, because it should last as long as possible. Bead bracelets usually have an elaborately designed clasp, so that they can be considered jewellery in themselves. However, a bead bracelet only seems truly complete when it is equipped with beads. The bead bracelet is in fact a charm or collector's bracelet, where the jewellery owner can complete the bracelet by buying pendants, so-called beads, or simply thread on the right accessory for every occasion. Beads can be selected thematically or by design and colour, so the choice is wide. With a bead bracelet, the basis for variable and individual jewellery is created. Beads often have an internal winding, which means they can always be turned into the right position. If stoppers are threaded onto the bracelet, the individual collection beads can be separated from each other..

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