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Chronograph - The term chronograph refers to a watch, whereby wristwatches in particular are understood by it. When we talk about a chronograph, we can usually also assume that it is a particularly valuable watch that can be counted not only among the instruments of time measurement, but also among the pieces of jewellery. The name of the chronograph derives from the Greek word chronos, time. In addition to its fundamental meaning as a timekeeper, a chronograph is usually also understood to be an analogue wristwatch with a stopwatch function. A chronograph can therefore usually do more than just precisely indicate the current time. Chronograph as a sophisticated term for watch is always associated with jewellery, which is due to the fact that watches can be made of high-quality materials and thus represent a piece of jewellery with lasting material value. Gold, silver, platinum, titanium or aluminium are the most common materials used in watchmaking and give the timepiece its ultimate value.