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Concave - Concave is a term for the surface design of rings. The term comes from the Latin word concavus, which means hollowed out or curved inwards. It indicates the curvature of the ring surface. The surface of a ring which is titled concave does not round outwards, which gives the piece of jewellery a bulbous and very round appearance, but inwards, which makes the shape of the ring appear slimmer and more angular. If a ring is concave, then mirrored objects on its surface are elongated, not stretched as with the convex equivalent. Concave shapes are not as common in rings as convex shapes. When it comes to wearing comfort, there is hardly any noticeable difference between the two types of surface shape, which is why the choice between convex or concave rings is always a matter of taste. However, since the concave shape is more often used for exclusive rings, it often appears on wedding rings or engagement rings.

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