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Claw Setting

Claw Setting - The claw setting is one way in which gemstones can be attached to a piece of jewellery. This type of gemstone setting is the most common type of setting nowadays and is used especially for bridal jewellery and wedding rings when it comes to setting a special stone in scene. The claw setting owes its name to the claw-like elements between which the gemstone is enclosed to connect it to the piece of jewellery. A claw setting usually consists of three to six claws, which are always at a constant distance from each other. This creates a container between them, a kind of basket for the gemstone. By bending the ends, the claws finally ensure that the gemstone cannot slip out of this basket. Usually, a claw frame consists of four arms, which provide the seat of the gemstone, whereby of course more elements also provide a more secure hold of the gemstone. When the claws protrude visibly, they are often rounded, tapered or worked out as an additional part of the design. These settings are flexible and can be adapted to all cuts. The claw setting also gives the gemstones a particularly intense shine as they are lifted out of the piece of jewellery.