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Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is also called laser inscription and is often used in jewellery production. In this process, pieces of jewellery are provided with individual inscriptions in a special intensity by means of a specifically directed laser beam. The characteristic feature of every engraving is its removal of some of the underlying material by a cutting process in order to make the inscription clearly visible through the contrast. With laser engraving, this is only the case in a figurative sense, because material is also removed, but since it is vaporised by the laser, no chip residue is left behind. Laser engraving is particularly practical and quick to use and can be applied to numerous surfaces. In this way, jewellery with glass components can also be individualised. The actual engraving process is carried out with vector-controlled and raster-oriented pulsed lasers, guided by mirror scanners. The engraving of jewellery always ensures that a unique piece of jewellery is created for its owner, which is not only associated with the high material value, but may also contain a personal message or information. Initials, important dates or even entire names are frequently popular motifs for laser engravings of all kinds.

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