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Malachite - Malachite is a well-known mineral that often finds its way into various accessories as a decorative element. It belongs to the class of carbonates and occurs in a wide spectrum of green colors. Malachite can have a very pale green, but can also be found in a strong dark green. Its lustre can be described as diamond lustre, silky lustre or glass lustre, but malachite can also have a matt and earthy lustre. Malachites are never transparent, they are opaque and can be as translucent as possible. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks appreciated malachite as a mineral which is suitable for jewellery making and which can also be used as a basic material for statues and other artificial products. Malachite is particularly popular in modern jewellery when it shows the banding found in the green colouring, which can be compared to the grain of wood. However, this also involves an elaborate work process, as the dust from malachite is toxic and must therefore be worked under special safety measures. It is easier to make jewellery with a malachite coating. This jewellery is often in shell or snail shell form. Esotericism attributes malachite healing powers to women's ailments, but this cannot be scientifically proven.