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Locket - A locket is a pendant that is often worn around the neck on a chain. It is a very individual piece of jewellery, because the locket usually carries a personal content, which has an ideal meaning for the owner of the jewellery. A locket is thus the combination of materially high-quality jewellery and ideal value. In order for a locket to do justice to this function, it is a small container that can be opened and closed again. The interior of the jewellery pendant offers space for small photos, perhaps also a lock of hair, or other personal souvenirs, which remind the locket owner of an important person or a special event. To make these types of pendants, different materials are used: silver and gold, but also stainless steel or platinum can be used. A locket stands, beside its respective material value, symbolically for the personal solidarity to a special person or another important thing, which should always be carried with the wearer.