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Curb Chain Bracelet

Curb Chain Bracelet - A curb chain bracelet is a bracelet that bears its name because of the characteristic shape of its chain links. This type of jewellery is made of metal, such as gold, silver or stainless steel, which has been worked into a small chain with a clasp for the wrist. The typical way in which the links of this bracelet are made and arranged is called curb chain. The individual elements are kept very flat and turned slightly, so that the necklace or bracelet always lies flat on the skin and thus ensures a pleasant wearing feeling. Curb chain bracelets are used in the most different variations, e.g. as wide and robust versions, which define the piece of jewellery without further additions. On the other hand, curb chain bracelets can also be used as a solid basis for pendants or engraving boards. Especially the engraved curb chain bracelet enjoys great popularity, because with it an individual, durable and pleasant to wear bracelet can be realized. Depending on the material used and also on the complexity of the closure system, curb chain bracelets are available in every price segment.

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