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A plating is one way in which base metals can be given the capabilities and properties of precious metals. In addition, plating creates the appearance of the precious metal. In this process, the base metal is covered by the noble metal, which is done through a mechanical step. Gold can be mechanically applied to brass, whereby the aim is to achieve the strongest possible bond between the two metals. This bond is called plaqué. Plating can be achieved by different techniques. By rolling on a fine foil of metal, by dipping, by welding on, by casting on or by explosive plating. Electroplating is one of the more modern methods and is also called electroplating. The purpose of plating is to give the material greater protection against corrosion, to make it even harder and to make it glide better. For jewellery making, of course, the appearance of the precious metals is of interest. It should also be noted that gold plating is not gold plating.