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Tricolour - The term tricolour usually does not appear alone, it almost always occurs in combination with gold in the field of jewellery. Tricolour gold is a special combination that describes a very specific composition of a piece of jewellery. The word tricolour means three-coloured and this is exactly the description of all jewellery creations with tricolour in their name. The fact that a bracelet or other pieces of jewellery have three different gold colours means that the element is composed of different components, usually a yellow gold part, a white gold part and a red gold or rose gold part. These can be three independent chains, which are combined into a single element in the piece of jewellery and thus create the tricolour gold jewellery. The yellow gold element is made of a gold alloy in which fine gold is combined with silver and copper. The tricolour component of white gold refers to an alloy in which palladium or nickel is mainly mixed with gold, and the rose gold component of the piece of jewellery is based on an alloy of gold and copper. Tricolour, however, is not limited to these three types of gold alloys; other alloys can also be combined to form a gold-coloured triad.

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