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585 palladium wedding rings

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A modern charme and an enchanting variety of designs - this is what awaits you with our 585 palladium wedding rings. They are known for their anthracite shade, which makes 585 palladium wedding rings particularly popular to fashion forward couples. The women's rings are graced with diamonds, which impress by a matchless shine. The rings can be provided with a dedication by our engravers - according to your wishes. Get amazed by the stylish 585 palladium wedding rings in our shop!

14K palladium wedding rings – mordern and noble

Palladium is excellently suited as material for wedding rings, hence its popularity is increasing. Yet, what exactly is palladium? Palladium is a so called transiton metal with silver and white grey sheen and belongs to the group of platinum metals. It was only discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston in South American platinum ore. The most imporatnt repository, which are meanwhile almost exploited, are located in Russia, Australia, Ethiopia and South Amerika. Nowadays, palladium is mostly gained through extraction of nickel- and copper ores and recycling. In the assortment of THE JEWELLER, you'll find an enchanting selection of 14K palladium wedding rings, which satisfy with excellent marterial and a good price/performance ratio. Palladium wedding rings are a good alternative for platinum or gold rings. Palladium is rarer than silver but more frequent than platinum and gold.

14K palladium wedding rings – symbols for eternity

Wedding rings are the highlight of a successful wedding. They symbolyze the eternal bond of love and will remind of the connection between you and your love day and day. Hence, one should take a lot of time to find the perfect wedding rings and pay attention, that they are made out of high-quality maertial and have a timeless desgin. As pure palladium is too soft for the jewelry production, you will find 14K palladium rings in our assortment. Palladium posses a lot of positive characteristics, which keep making it more and more popular for the production of jewelry. It does, for instance not reaction with oxygen at room temperature, which means, it does not oxidate and does hence not change color. Moreover, it is indelible and lighter than platinum, so that the rings will be comfortable to wear. 14K palladium wedding rings by THE JEWELLER are durable companions and will forever remind you of your wedding day.

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Benefit from the advantages provides by our online shop: At our page you can calmly look for your favorites among the 14K palladium wedding rings. You take takes as much time for your decision as you need, as our online shop is completely independent from opening hours, sun- and holdays – shopping could not be more comfortable. Furthermore, we set high value on the fact that you feel safe and well advised while shopping. Therefore, we pay high attention that the quality standards are followed and check every piece of jewelry ourselves before it leaves our stock. Dreamingly beautiful wedding rings in a large variety – that is what defines us.