Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire Jewellery

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The sapphire - elegant, timeless and fascinating at the same time. In our assortment you will find an appealing selection of sapphire jewellery, which inspires with its varied designs: from romantic hearts and floral works of art to classical creations. The basis is made of finest gold and many of the jewellery pieces are additionally adorned with sparkling diamonds. Let the sapphire jewellery inspire you during an exploration tour through our online shop and find your favourite.

Sapphire jewellery for very special moments

Jewellery offers the possibility to round off your own outfit and thus become the centre of every event. Sapphire jewellery is a particularly popular solution here. Because this gemstone, which owes its name to the deep blue colouring, cuts a good figure on every piece of jewellery. Jewelry with sapphires has always been a gift for every woman that makes for joyful eyes. It doesn't matter whether you want the sapphire integrated on a ring or in a bracelet: the choice you will find at THE JEWELLER will inspire you. But not only the extensive selection of jewellery will enchant you, but also the timeless, modern and extravagant designs, in which you receive the breathtaking jewellery with high-quality sapphires. In silver and gold you can choose individually which jewellery fits best into your collection.

Jewellery with sapphires is always popular

Whoever chooses sapphire jewellery chooses noble elegance, which can hardly be surpassed by any other gemstone. For example, the 750 gold ring with sapphire and diamonds is very popular. This ring is available in sizes 45 mm - 65 mm and is made of particularly high-quality 750 white gold. The optical highlight of this ring are 1 centered diamond and 26 smaller diamonds. The design is rounded off by 5 sapphires whose blue underlines the purity of the diamonds. The rhodium-plated surface ensures maximum wearing comfort. Or choose the matching earrings. These earrings are also provided with a sapphire and 52 diamonds and immediately catch the eye of every observer. The sapphire plays to its full potential in every piece of jewellery and enchants and inspires equally. Jewelry with sapphires will inspire you.

Sapphire jewellery and much more

THE JEWELLER offers you a wide range of sapphire jewellery in different designs. If you are not sure about your decision, then use the available shopping assistant. This helps you to find the right gemstone jewellery along a colour or outfit. To ensure the safety of your jewellery, THE JEWELLER has a matching case for every piece of jewellery. Trust in the experience and competence of THE JEWELLER - here you are guaranteed to find the right jewellery for every occasion.