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Unique Personalised wedding rings wedding ring configurator

Design your dream wedding rings now with our configurator!


General information:

  • Delivery time 4-5 weeks
  • The wedding rings are a custom-made product and are excluded from withdrawal or exchange
  • The offer is based on current daily prices and may vary accordingly

Choosing wedding bands is a very special moment. Every couple has their own ideas of what their perfect wedding rings should look like. And here is where our wedding ring configurator comes into play: With this, you can customise the rings individually.

Note: The individual rings of the ring pair can be configured identically or completely differently. If the ring pair symbol under the rings appears in gold colour, both rings will have the same design. By clicking on the golden ring pair symbol, this connection is undone and each ring can be configured individually. This allows you to select an individual profile, a different material/alloy or different grooves and edges for each ring. For example, one ring can be designed in 14k yellow gold, while 14k white gold can be selected for the other ring.

Note: Using the golden plus symbol at the bottom left, a ring from the ring pair can be removed or added back. You can also use this field to duplicate a ring that has already been created or rename your customised rings.

The configuration of your wedding rings starts with the profile of the ring band. Here you can choose whether the rings should be rounded on the inside (domed) or whether the ring band should have a special curvature.

The next step is to determine the size of the rings. There are several ring size systems available. In German-speaking countries, the "universal" system is the most common. If you need help determining your size, our multisizer can help. Alternatively, you can measure a ring that you have at home and that fits you. But be careful: This is not very accurate!

Under dimensions, you can select the ring width and height.

Once this is done, the next step is to choose the material and texture. You can do this in the precious metal tab. Here you can decide whether you want a monochromatic or multicoloured ring, which material/alloy it should be made of, and which surface finishing you prefer.

After that, a stone setting can be selected. In addition to the various options for the setting, you can decide what type of stone or cut you prefer, what size, what quality and what position the stone(s) should have.

Further visual adjustments can be made under grooves/edges.

Almost done! In the last step, you can choose your individual engraving. Here, you can enter your desired text, choose the font and add a romantic symbol.

You can then use the share function to send your customised rings to your partner or friend straight away. Simply use the share button below the configuration screen. An email client will open and you will be asked to enter an email address to send the link to the rings.

We wish you a lot of fun designing your wedding rings!

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