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An effective and exclusive colour accent - that's our gold jewellery with dark red garnet. The gemstones are set in a classic four- or six-prong setting or in a bezel setting that completely encloses the stone. In our assortment you will find ear jewellery, pendants and necklaces that have one or more garnets as a highlight. While exploring our online shop, you are sure to find your favourite pieces among our garnet jewellery!


Garnets captivate with their dark red colour and are one of the best-known gemstones in jewellery making. In our online shop you will find precious jewellery creations with garnet gemstones that are gently enclosed by a bezel setting or held by delicate prongs. Our selection of jewellery with garnets include earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings. With their beautiful colour, elegant designs and enchanting sparkle, the jewellery pieces are guaranteed to attract attention. Take a look around THE JEWELLER online shop and let yourself be convinced.


The garnet has been highly valued as a gemstone for thousands of years. Also called carbuncle at the time, the stone has a long tradition in jewellery production and was already used by the Romans as a gemstone. Although garnet comes in different colours, the strong, deep red variety is one of the most popular colours of the garnet. Another gemstone with red colouring is the ruby, which you can also find as a processed stone in our ruby jewellery selection. Due to its high light refraction, garnet has a particularly beautiful sparkle and thus attracts attention. With an assigned hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, the garnet is a relatively hard gemstone. This makes the garnet a suitable gemstone for various jewellery creations - whether as a radiant stone on a ring, as a special accessory on the ear or as a perfect eye-catcher on a necklace. THE JEWELLER's online shop offers you a wide variety of garnet jewellery in different designs. Let yourself be captivated by the appeal of this gemstone.


As an established online jeweller, you benefit from our many years of expertise and all the advantages of online shopping. Regardless of opening hours or Sundays and public holidays, you can browse through THE JEWELLER‘s online shop and discover enchanting jewellery with garnet stones. You can also use our wish list to save your favourites. After an uncomplicated ordering process, you can soon receive your new garnet jewellery at home. We look forward to receiving your order, are happy to advise you and are available to answer any questions you may have.