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Name Jewellery

Name Jewellery - Name jewellery represents a genuine and individual alternative to standard jewellery. So name jewelry is always as individual as the wearer, because it can be personally involved in the production of this jewelry. This type of accessory can be name bracelets or chains, where a special name is integrated into the respective piece of jewellery. The name is written from the jewellery material, i.e. made directly from the precious metal and realized in the desired font. Gold and silver alloys are often used to make the lettering, which can also make up the rest of the name jewellery, i.e. the necklace or bracelet. Another variation of name jewelry is that the name is engraved on a plate or other pendant and then worn on a chain around the neck or attached to the bracelet. Name jewellery is always a very personal possession because it is always accompanied by a person who is particularly important to the wearer. Family members, own children or the partner are often the persons immortalized in the name jewellery. These elements are in this way a combination of high-quality jewellery and personal, ideal solidarity.

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