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Name Jewellery

Name jewellery is an individual gift idea. Thus, name jewellery is always as individual as the wearer himself, because personal involvement in the production of this jewellery is possible. Whether as a necklace, bracelet, ring or earring. Name jewellery is available in every form and is an individual alternative to conventional jewellery. Personal involvement in the production of the name jewellery is possible, so it is always as individual as the wearer. There are different types of name jewellery. One possibility is that names or desired initials are made directly from the jewellery material. Individual letters or combinations of letters are also possible. Often these kinds of jewellery are made of gold, sterling silver and sometimes stainless steel. Some name jewellery is also set with exclusive diamonds or sparkling zirconia stones. If it is not the own name that adorns the piece of jewellery, family members, own children or the partner are often the persons immortalised in the name jewellery. In this way, these elements are a combination of high-quality jewellery and personal, idealistic attachment.

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