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Name Bracelet

Name Bracelet - The name bracelet offers the possibility of owning a very personal and at the same time high-quality piece of jewellery. For the owner of such a bracelet it has an ideal character in addition to the material value. It can be made in different ways and present the name in different ways. One possibility of the name bracelet is that the name itself is part of the bracelet. In addition the name is written quasi from the respective material. The beginning and end letter are then connected to the rest of the bracelet, leather or metal chains are the most common materials here, and the name bracelet is complete. Such a name bracelet can be individual not only by the name itself, also by different fonts further personal references can be produced here. Another possibility for a name bracelet is that the piece of jewellery has a small plate in the centre on which the desired name is engraved. Both variations of the name bracelet are often used to express the connection to a special person, the partner or a family member. Individual name bracelets are also often used as gifts.

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