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Name Bracelet

The name bracelet is a very personal piece of jewellery. For the owner of such a bracelet, it has an ideal character in addition to its material value. It can be made in many different ways and present the respective name in several distinct variations. One possibility of the name bracelet is that the name itself forms a part of the bracelet. For this purpose, the name is virtually written out of the respective material. The initial and final letter are then connected to the rest of the bracelet. Modern variants only need one or more letters and characters; so-called letter bracelets. Our name bracelets are usually made of gold, sterling silver or stainless steel. Many pieces of jewellery are also set with small, sparkling diamonds. These add even more value to the pieces of jewellery, making them eye-catching guarantees. Name bracelets are often used to express the connection to a special person, a partner or a family member. Individual name bracelets as gifts can be used as well.

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