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Name Necklace

Name Necklace - A name necklace is often made a gift for a particularly important person. It is an individual piece of jewellery that creates a personal bond with its owner. With a name necklace the respective name lettering is manufactured from the jewellery material and integrated into the remaining chain. Of course, the lettering can be available in different sizes and fonts and thus give the jewellery a further individual component. Gold or silver alloys are often used as material for name necklaces, but stainless steel lettering is also possible. The rest of the chain, which ensures that the name can be worn centrally around the neck, can be made of the same material, but is often also made of leather. Wearers of a name necklace are therefore in any case a direct and intimate reference to the person whose name is worn. In many cases this is the partner, but also family members, one's own children or even the wearer himself are a popular theme for this name jewellery. Since the desired name can be freely chosen, name necklaces are particularly individual jewellery, which can have an ideal value as well as a high material value.

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