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To keep jewellery beautiful for a long time, it needs a certain care. Especially silver and gold jewellery can tarnish over time - that is quite normal. Once you feel that the jewellery is discoloured, you should clean it. This way you don't have to remove so much oxidised material and you'll be done much faster. You can of course also find suitable care products and silver cloths in our online shop. Because with the right jewellery care your favourite pieces of jewellery will stay beautiful for a long time!

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Jewelry care products for a long life of your accessories

Jewellery and accessories play an important role in the life of a trend-conscious woman and even men have long recognized that it is the suitable pieces of jewellery that give a certain polish to every outfit. THE JEWELLER offers customers a wide range of exclusive accessories, taking every customer wish into account. Whether chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, beads, charms or watches: Choose from a variety of products that is almost inexhaustible. Even if we value high-quality materials such as silver, gold, titanium, stainless steel or tungsten in all our jewellery collections, it is still possible that time will leave its mark on the new accessory. So that jewellery sparkles for a long time like on the first day, the right care plays an important role. We offer professional jewellery care products in the form of creams, baths or polishing cloths, which contribute significantly to the preservation of your jewellery. You want to give pleasure to a loved one? Then give away a piece of jewelry, which we are happy to send in matching jewelry cases. We also offer jewellery vouchers as a flexible gift idea in different variations.