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The right bracelet size

The following size chart will help you to find the right bracelet size for your wrist. With the help of a measuring tape, you can easily measure your wrist and determine the appropriate bracelet length. When it comes to bead and charm bracelets, please note that the length of the bracelet decreases with the number of beads/charms.

The indicated bracelet length in the shop refers to the complete bracelet. The clasp and engraving plate, if applicable, are included. The length of some bracelet types can be shortened. Should this be possible, you will find a corresponding reference in the product description.

Engraved jewellery is a custom-made item. An exchange of the piece of jewellery or an exchange of the engraving plate is unfortunately not possible. Therefore, we advise you to order your bracelet without engraving for a fitting if you are not sure about the size.

  • Single wrapped bracelet: wrist circumference + 2.5 cm = correct length
  • Double wrapped bracelet: wrist circumference + 3.5 cm x 2 = correct length
  • Triple wrapped bracelet: wrist circumference + 3.5 cm x 3 = correct length

Note: The indicated bracelet length refers to the complete bracelet. The clasp and the engraving plate, if applicable, are included.

Bracelet sizes and lengths


Size single wrapped double wrapped triple wrapped
Short 18 cm 36 cm 54 cm
Medium 19 cm 38 cm 57 cm
Long 20 cm 40 cm 60 cm
Extra long 21 cm 42 cm 63 cm

The correct necklace length

You fell in love with a necklace, but you are not sure if it fits you well? In order to determine the right chain length, we have prepared a measurement chart for you, which shows you how long the respective chain is.

Overview of necklace lengths

Chain length from 35 to 40 centimeters - Short chain
Necklaces with a length between 35 and 40 cm are very close to the neck and usually only suitable for people with a very thin neck. Short necklaces, however, also promise a very noble look. Especially pearl necklaces are often worn very tightly and are combined with an updo.
Chain length from 40 to 50 centimeters - Normal chain
Necklaces with a length from 40 to 50 cm belong to the standard chain lengths and are perfectly suitable for every pendant. The chain lies in the upper part of the décolleté and ensures great wearing comfort. Chain lengths up to 50 cm are very popular and especially suitable for everyday use.
Chain length from 50 to 65 centimeters - Long chain
Necklaces in the respective chain length are suitable for every occasion and always look good. If you don't know exactly which chain length to buy, this chain length is perfect. It suits every woman and fits to almost any outfit. The chain lies, depending on the body size, in the middle of the neckline.
Chain length from 65 to 100 centimeters - Very long chain
Very long necklaces lie in the lower part of the neckline and extend far beyond. However, long necklaces can often be varied and worn in two rows. So the chain can either be used as a double chain or be worn separately. Correspondingly large necklace pendants turn long necklaces into a special highlight.


Ring size guide

Please note that we use the German measurement system with the "inner circumference" in mm for our rings. Alternatively, it is possible to specify the "inner diameter" in mm. We cannot incur liability for confusion with foreign units of measurement.

Engraved rings, rings with changed stone setting and rings that have been custom-built for you are excluded from the exchange. We therefore advise you to order these rings using our fitting service.

Not all sizes are available for every ring. Please refer to the respective product for the available sizes. We only offer even ring sizes except for gold rings. Intermediate sizes are possible for gold rings, as these rings are custom made for you.

For ring sets we offer two different types of fitting service (fitting service for gold rings and fitting service for rings), you can find out about the exact procedure in our FAQs.
Single rings can be ordered without engraving and can then be send back to us for subsequent engraving. In this case, we may charge you for shipping costs and the surcharge for engraving.

Inner circumference Inner diameter UK size
45 mm 14.3 mm G
46 mm 14.6 mm G 1/2
47 mm 15.0 mm H 1/2
48 mm 15.3 mm I 1/2
49 mm 15.6 mm J
50 mm 15.9 mm K
51 mm 16.2 mm K 1/2
52 mm 16.6 mm L 1/2
53 mm 16.9 mm M 1/2
54 mm 17.2 mm N
55 mm 17.5 mm O
56 mm 17.8 mm P
57 mm 18.1 mm P 1/2
58 mm 18.5 mm Q 1/2
Inner circumference Inner diameter UK size
59 mm 18.8 mm R
60 mm 19.1 mm S
61 mm 19.4 mm T
62 mm 19.7 mm T 1/2
63 mm 20.1 mm U 1/2
64 mm 20.4 mm V
65 mm 20.7 mm W
66 mm 21.0 mm X
67 mm 21.3 mm X 1/2
68 mm 21.6 mm Y 1/2
69 mm 22.0 mm Z 1/2
70 mm 22.3 mm Z +1
71 mm 22.6 mm Z +2
72 mm 22.9 mm Z +3
Inner circumference
e.g. 60 mm
Inner diameter
e.g. 19.1 mm

Multi sizer

If you are not sure how to determine your ring size, we can send you a multi sizer for 3,50 EUR. If you have no experience with rings, we recommend that you have your ring sizes determined by a jeweller, as we cannot exchange engraved rings. On request, we can send you the rings without engraving for fitting. We advise against using a printable template or measuring old rings with a ruler, as the wearing comfort of rings depends on a tenth of a millimeter. The multi sizer also serves only as an orientation aid, deviations from the actual size can occur when handled improperly.

Multisizer Anleitung Bild 1
Multisizer Anleitung Bild 2

Watch guide

The following size tables show the different characteristics of a watch. Based on the size specifications, it is easier to find the right watch size to fit your wrist.

Watch case size

S small 26-35 mm
M medium 36-40 mm
L large 41-45 mm
XL extra large 46-50 mm
XXL extra extra large >55 mm

Case height (thickness)

flat < 9 mm
normal 9 mm - 14 mm
thick > 14 mm

Water resistance of watches

The water resistance of a watch should be checked by an expert every two to three years, better once a year, before the bathing season. The bar specifications are not to be equated with the respective water depth! Although a pressure of 3 bar corresponds to the water depth of 30 metres, these are test pressure data that are determined in the laboratory. When used in water, these pressure limits can be exceeded even at shallower depths. If the pressure limit is exceeded, this can lead to the ingress of water. If you are unsure whether your watch is suitable for diving, you should avoid using your watch in the water. Permanent water resistance cannot be guaranteed.

Water resistance / Marking on the bottom of the case Washing, rain, water splashes Showering Bathing Swimming Snorkelling Diving with equipment (scuba diving) Characteristics water resistance
none no no no no no no The watch is not waterproof
3 bar yes no no no no no Waterproof for daily use
5 bar yes no no no no no For frequent contact with water. Not suitable for swimming or diving
10 bar yes yes yes yes yes no For frequent contact with water. Not suitable for diving
15 bar yes yes yes yes yes yes Suitable for any contact with water. Scuba diving possible