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Bracelets made of 9ct gold are extremely popular with jewellery lovers due to their noble shine. In addition, gold generally has the advantage that it does not tarnish or discolour. Many of the 9ct gold bracelets can be engraved by our engravers with your personal text, which means that you can create your very personal piece of jewellery. You can also choose between different alloys and different design elements. Go, explore and find your new 9-carat gold bracelet in our online shop today.

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There are many important occasions in a person's life. These include, for example, a round birthday, a baptism or a wedding. Jewelry often plays an important role in such occasions. Especially the wedding rings will always remind a bridal couple of the most beautiful day of their life. Baptism rings or gold bracelets are a suitable gift with memory value for a child's baptism. The bracelets in our category 375 gold bracelets are equally decorative for adults and children. Some of the gold bracelets have coloured motifs such as a heart or a butterfly. The different models with a heart-shaped cut-out are also very popular.

A gold bracelet with individual engraving

THE JEWELLER offers a wide range of gold bracelets, including 375 gold bracelets. An individual engraving makes a gold bracelet a very personal piece of jewellery. Two types of engraving are available: laser engraving or diamond engraving. Personal messages for eternity are recorded with an engraved bracelet. Possible are for example names, a motto, sayings, quotations, dates or another desired text. There are different fonts to choose from. Symbols can also be engraved on certain models - for example an Infinity sign symbolizing eternal or infinite love. Such engravings are manufactured with our product designer after individual collecting mains.

Versatile accessories for different occasions

Gold bracelets have been one of the most popular bracelets for years. As classics, they can be worn on a wide variety of occasions. They are pieces of jewellery with a timeless character. Thanks to the high quality of our 375 gold bracelets, they are of lasting value and timeless beauty. The clasps also contribute to the durability of the bracelets. They ensure that the wristbands can be securely fastened to the wrist. The filigree bracelet can be worn individually or together with other bracelets or bracelets. Just have a look around in our online shop and find the right gift for your loved ones!