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You are looking for the perfect piece of fine jewelry for you to set individual accents in your look? Then the jewelry from lanii is just right for you. The brand lanii convinces with its casual elegance and it is very easy to create subtle, natural combinations with the jewelry pieces. Look around in our onlineshop, discover the great price-performance ratio of lanii and choose your favorites in our well-stocked assortment.

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Jewelry by lanii - Lighthearted Eyecatcher

Are you looking for one or more pieces of jewelry that perfectly underline your lifestyle and individual style? Then the jewelry from lanii is perfect for you. Lanii stands for women's jewelry, which meets the spirit of the times. The jewelry pieces are delicate and inspire with their minimalist designs, which can be perfectly combined with each other. The jewelry assortment of lanii at THE JEWELLER includes trendy necklaces, graceful bracelets, trendy earrings and rings in modern designs. They are made of high-quality 925 silver and are often available in silver, gold and rose gold colors - so there is a suitable piece of jewelry for every taste and skin type. Many of the models are suitable for the trendy layer or stacking trend, where several necklaces, bracelets and/or rings are worn with other jewelry. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of our lanii jewelry and find exactly the jewelry pieces that fit perfectly to you and in your jewelry collection!

Filigree nonchalance - women's jewelry by lanii

Lanii jewelry is perfect for women who value a natural look and want to set accents with a few selected accessories. The necklaces, bracelets, stud earrings and rings stand for an active lifestyle without putting themselves too much in the foreground. The jewelry is intended to emphasize and highlight the inner and outer beauty of its wearer. The jewelry creations are made of 925 silver, which is partially gold-plated or rose gold-plated. 925 silver is also known as sterling silver, which refers to the British currency pound sterling. In the past, 925 silver (92.5% pure silver) was used to make the English silver pennies, called sterlings. The oldest finds of worked silver are dated to about 5000 BC. In ancient times and the Middle Ages, silver had a higher value than gold. This was mainly due to the use of silver coins as a means of payment. It was not until the 19th century that silver lost its economic significance, as gold was now the preferred currency metal. However, since silver is versatile in form and use and has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, industry discovered the metal for itself. In addition, a large part flows into the production of jewelry. Good to know: Silver has an antibacterial effect and is used in the medical field for wound treatment, as it has the properties of a disinfectant. Silver jewelry can be combined in an even more versatile way by using different colored coatings, which make the respective piece of jewelry shine in modern rose gold or classic yellow gold. Such a coating can be achieved through different techniques. Particularly popular nowadays is the very durable ion plating. In this process, the surface is first cleaned using ion bombardment. An evaporator source vaporizes the silver jewelry to be plated with the desired metal. A layer is thus formed on the initial product. During this process, the initial product to be plated is strongly heated. The purpose of plating, besides changing the color, is to give the material a higher resistance to wear. Silver and silver alloys tend to discolor. To avoid or slow down this process, proper care helps. Rhodium plating also ensures that the jewelry tarnishes less quickly. Many of the jewelry pieces of lanii are provided with such a rhodium layer. Browse at THE JEWELLER through the range of lanii and let yourself be inspired by the light-hearted as well as fun-loving designs.

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