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Unique Key Chains

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In our online shop you will find an appealing selection of key rings from Unique - so the key search has an end! With one of our key rings you have all your keys at your fingertips. Thanks to the diverse designs, there is something for every taste - from colourful and distinctive to timeless and elegant. You can also have many of our Unique key rings engraved - perfect for initials. They are also an excellent idea as a gift, for example for moving into a new apartment.

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Unique key ring - the little jewellery for every day

Jewellery does not always have to be eye-catching, elegant or even exclusive. Sometimes even a small accessory, which is used daily, is enough to provide a little loosening and a visual highlight. Jewelry can also fulfil a practical function, as is the case, for example, with unique key rings from our large range at THE JEWELLER. These small everyday accessories cannot be compared to other pieces of jewellery, because they are not worn directly on the body like rings or ear studs, chains and bracelets and are also not visible at first glance like other pieces of jewellery. Keyrings from Unique are more for yourself, a kind of little joy for every day. The shapely and high-quality key rings are also useful, because they ensure that keys are not easily lost and are easier to handle. The key rings, which you can easily and quickly order in our large online shop, are not only suitable for your own keys, but also make a good gift for a loved one. A small attention with a personal touch, because the key rings from our range can be individualised with little effort. An unmistakable accessory for everyday life and at the same time a souvenir with a special message can be created.

Personalise your Unique key fob

We give you the opportunity to design your personal key ring from Unique. In the first step, select the accessory of your choice to carry your personal message. In the second step you can then decide on the engraving - what size should it have? What font size? What lines? Once these decisions have been made, the individual unique key ring is basically ready and you can send us your order. We process your wishes and send your small piece of jewellery for the bunch of keys directly to your home. As an online jeweler, we can look back on more than 15 years of experience in the jewelry business and thus professionally engrave your key fob.

Unique key ring in large selection

When choosing a key fob you can take all the time in the world, because as an online jeweler we are always open for you. You can decide at your leisure whether the Unique key ring should be made of leather or stainless steel and which text can be printed on the Unique key ring. The shapes, sizes, colours and styles of the key rings also vary from item to item, making it possible to find the right accessory for every taste. You can change your order in the area of the other pieces of jewellery in our online shop. High-quality jewellery and great gift ideas are waiting for you here.