Watch Storage

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With a watch case you have all watches in view and ready to hand. The watches are also perfectly protected against dust, scratches and other external influences. In our range we have an appealing selection of watch cases that inspire with their elegant and timeless designs. Some also have a practical travel case, so your watch is perfectly protected when you're on the go. During an exploration tour through our online shop you will surely find the suitable watch storage for your watch.

Chic keepers of order: watch cases

Hardly anyone leaves home in the morning without jewellery or a watch on their wrist. But it's annoying when you can't find the right watch because of all the mess. Here, watch cases provide an extremely practical service. The law enforcement officers ensure that every timepiece is in its place and can be found in no time at all. Depending on the size, a watch case offers enough storage space for four to ten watches and also has a decorative aspect. There are watch boxes with glass lids, so that your favourite watches are always in view and attractively displayed.

Storage with style: Watch boxes

Watch chests, watch boxes or watch cases are suitable for storing watches. Depending on the model, they are equipped with several watch cushions, so that each watch can be placed individually on a cushion. A soft fabric lining protects the watches from possible scratches. A lid also provides protection against dust and dirt. Similar to jewellery cases, watch cases have the practical advantage that you always know where the watches are. Usually one owns several clocks. The overview can easily be lost once. There is hardly anything more unnecessary than searching under time pressure for the watch that would best match the outfit of the day. With a watch case you always have the right watch at hand: the functional chronograph, the designer watch or the filigree ladies' watch. Some watch storage boxes are suitable for both ladies' and men's watches. Just look around in the Watch Storage category at THE JEWELLER.

Watch storage options for at home and on the way

Some watch boxes also come with a practical travel case. Such a case offers space for a certain number of watches. This protects the respective watches from external influences, even when travelling. In order to enjoy your watches for as long as possible, they should not be kept in damp places, such as the bathroom. Depending on the material, the sometimes high humidity can accelerate oxidation. The surface of the watch may discolour and the watch may be damaged.