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Bangles - elegant and matching numerous looks. Already in ancient Egypt, they were appreciated as arm ornaments. In our online shop you will find numerous bracelets made of 925 sterling silver or stainless steel, some are gold-plated or rose gold-plated or set with zirconia and other gemstones. The designs also leave nothing to be desired - whether filigree, puristic, playful or opulent. Some models can even be engraved. Let yourself be enchanted by our versatile assortment and discover your new bracelet today.

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Bracelet - timeless elegance for your arm

At THE JEWELLER we offer you a wide selection of jewellery made of various materials and precious metals. Our range also leaves nothing to be desired in the field of arm decoration. Beside various bands for big and small you can also find different bracelets. They have always held a special position in the field of jewellery. Already the ancient Egyptians appreciated its unique appearance and the symbiosis that jewellery and body enter into with it. At present, they are experiencing a revival and have always been able to defend their importance in the jewellery sector. We offer you various models, both plain and multi-wrapped.

Jewelry that adapts to your wrist - Bracelets

In addition to models that consist of a fixed piece, we currently also have models that have elastic properties and are wound several times. Thanks to these features, the bangles adapt naturally to the circumference of your wrist, so you don't have to worry about the right size. In addition, our elastic models have a stone trimming: along their entire outside they are studded with small, sparkling zirconia. They will give your wrist a very special shine.

The history of bracelets

The word "bracelet" is derived from the word Armilla. This, in turn, describes a piece of jewellery that was awarded in ancient Rome as a kind of tribute to the special services of soldiers. But this piece of jewellery does not only play a special role in Roman stories. Also in many other cultures, as for example with the Egyptians, the arm decoration took a high value. Just think of the beautiful Cleopatra, who was able to emphasize her appearance with her arm decoration.