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Planning to pop the question of all questions? Brilladia offers you premium engagement rings in 585 or 750 white, rose and yellow gold. Each engagement ring is set with diamonds in a claw or a bezel setting, so it will catch everyone's eye. The color of the diamonds is classified as G (Top Wesselton/Fine White). In addition, they come from conflict-free sources. Choose an engagement ring from Brilladia and enjoy the sparkle in the eyes of the one you love!

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This is how the marriage proposal becomes perfect - engagement rings from Brilladia

Engagement rings from Brilladia impress with their high-quality jeweler's quality and their stylish designs. The engagement ring is the crowning highlight of a marriage proposal. The ingredients for an unforgettable proposal are a romantic atmosphere and the right words. A pinch of nervousness is always part of it too - that's perfectly normal. Our engagement ring range from Brilladia by THE JEWELLER includes classic rings in 585 or 750 yellow, white and rose gold. These are adorned with at least one sparkling diamond. The elegant and timeless design of the engagement rings ensures that they are still up to date in many years and always remind of the day of the engagement. But these rings are also suitable as stylish eye-catchers for a special occasion.

Worth knowing about our Brilladia engagement rings and the proposal

In ancient times, the ring was put on the ring finger of the left hand of the future bride, because this finger was supposedly directly connected to the heart through a vein. This idea of a "love vein" (Vena Amoris) was adopted in many European cultures. The ancient Romans also gave women an engagement ring as a sign of togetherness. This was made of iron and often decorated with a small key. This symbolized both the love of the man for his future wife and the right to claim half of the male household. The engagement ring in today's sense - as a sign of the promise of marriage - most likely dates back to 1477 when Archduke Maximilian I of Habsburg presented his bride with a diamond-studded ring. In German-speaking countries, it is customary for the bride-to-be to wear her engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand until the wedding. Thus here - whether consciously or not - the ancient tradition of the Vena Amoris is taken up. After the wedding, the woman then has the choice: either the engagement ring continues to be worn on the left hand, or it changes to the ring finger of the right hand as a pre-stud ring to the wedding ring. Our Brilladia engagement rings are made of high quality 585 or 750 yellow, white or rose gold and set with exclusive diamonds. The most important characteristics of diamonds are cut (cut), color (color), clarity (clarity) and carat (weight) - the so-called 4 C's. The color of diamonds is classified according to a standardized color scale. This ranges from D (High Fine White+) to Z (Maximum Tinted Yellow). In almost all cases, the stones processed by THE JEWELLER fall under G (Fine White). The clarity of a diamond is affected by the number and size of inclusions present in the stone. Almost all of our diamonds fall into the small inclusions category. This means that the inclusions can be easily seen under a microscope at ten times magnification, but not at all with the naked eye. The carat number is used to indicate the weight of gemstones and should not be confused with the carat number, which indicates the purity of gold. The carat number only indicates the weight and not the size of the diamond. All diamonds 0.50 ct. and larger are certified by the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This certificate provides information about the origin, authenticity and all other characteristics that determine the value.

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The engagement ring should last a lifetime and therefore the purchase is a very special matter. We at THE JEWELLER attach great importance to the fact that you feel safe and well advised when buying. That's why we are extremely strict about maintaining our quality standards and inspect every piece of jewelry by hand before it leaves our warehouse. With us you have all the time in the world to choose the right engagement ring from Brilladia. In addition, you are completely independent of opening hours, Sundays and holidays - shopping could not be more convenient. In addition, all our diamonds come from conflict-free sources, as ethical aspects are also very important to us. Let yourself be inspired by the exclusive Brilladia engagement rings in our online store and find the perfect ring for your marriage proposal.