Name Necklaces

Name Necklaces

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Name jewellery - accessories could not be more individual! Besides, they are hotter than ever. In our assortment you will find name chains, which are made especially for you and according to your wishes. There are name necklaces made of different materials, such as gold and silver. Some of the necklaces are also decorated with zirconia stones or small pendants. Let yourself be inspired by the lovingly arranged offer in our online shop and find the name necklace for your very personal style.

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Name chain - Show personality!

Jewellery lovers know that it is the matching accessories that give every outfit that certain something and skilfully underline the personal style. Our name jewellery with individual lettering is still absolutely trendy. Particularly popular: name chains that stand for personality and individuality. Who decides for a name chain, has the possibility to create an accessory completely after the personal conceptions and to arrange a piece of jewellery, which carries the own name or only the initials as inscription. At THE JEWELLER you will also find your name chain in numerous different variations. Convince yourself of our offer, which leaves nothing to be desired and choose between different versions and designs. There is certainly a suitable piece of jewellery for every demand and every taste in the extensive range, for example in our main category of silver chains. Confess style and show who you are - with high-quality name jewellery from THE JEWELLER!

Name chains in numerous variations

Name chains are very special pieces of jewellery. Because no other accessory is so individual and unique. Choose your personal favourite from a wide range of name chains at THE JEWELLER. We have a necklace with names in numerous variations, for example made of silver. So you have the choice between chains made of finest 925 sterling silver, noble 333 yellow gold or hard-wearing stainless steel. Also textile chains, which are provided with a silver pendant, we hold ready for you in large numbers. No matter which variant you choose: With all our chains you can be sure of the highest level of quality, the best choice of materials and solid workmanship. Set accents and complete your outfit - with personalised jewellery, which THE JEWELLER offers in a large selection for you.

Name chain in silver, gold or stainless steel

Choose a name chain made of silver, optionally gold-plated, gold or stainless steel and underline your personal style with an individually manufactured piece of jewellery. You have the possibility to have name chains made that have the full name, or to choose from chains that only have the initials. Here only your personal taste is in demand. Each name chain is delivered to you free of charge in a matching case. Be inspired by the fascination of name jewellery, which is also the ideal gift idea at any time.