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You are looking for individually combinable jewellery with which you can create a very personal and unique style? Then you might like the jewellery from EDC. Besides necklaces, bracelets and charms you will also find EDC extension chains and other items in our assortment, which gives you even more combination possibilities for your jewellery. During an exploration tour through our online shop you will surely find complemeting products from EDC with which you can expand your collection.

The EDC extension chain is the basis for free jewellery design

In order to create your own jewellery freely and without constraints, you need a certain basis on which you can build your creations and which holds everything together. The EDC extension chain is part of such a basis for the specially created jewellery and comes from Esprit, which has been drawing attention to itself for many years with tasteful fashion and equally tasteful pieces of jewellery. Elegant and timeless style are the focus of EDC by Esprit, while not losing sight of the prevailing trends. In our online shop you will now find numerous options for filling your personal jewellery box with a classic yet modern extension. Whether it is an EDC connection ring or the already mentioned EDC extension chain depends only on what you need at the moment. You can be sure that you will find what you are looking for in THE JEWELLER's wide range and thus lay the foundation for innovative and self-designed jewellery combinations.

New style with the EDC connection ring

Everything you can get from the EDC fashion line is of above-average quality. High-quality materials, high-quality workmanship and innovative design go hand in hand and thus represent a perfect option for you to be able to set a real highlight with the new jewellery. What is particularly remarkable is that small add-on pieces are of great importance, because only they make an individual and unique style possible. An EDC connection ring is the basis, for example, if you want to use charms but still have the possibility to change them daily. This is also the case with the EDC extension chain, which is made of stainless steel and can connect different chains and/or bracelets. These additions provide the perfect starting point for you to put together your own pretty jewellery. An EDC connection ring is always necessary if you want to feel comfortable with your jewellery and be prepared for possible changes in the fashion world. With this jewellery, which you can order easily and directly from THE JEWELLER, you are prepared for all eventualities, as you yourself have the final design.

Unlimited combination with the EDC extension chain

The EDC extension chain removes the usual conventions in the design of jewellery, just as an EDC connecting ring can. With these accessories all length problems and combination difficulties can be solved. An EDC extension chain from our online shop always creates the right size for your jewellery!