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You are looking for a piece of jewellery that underlines your look with a noble touch? Then our pendants made of 14ct gold could be just the right thing for you. They are available in classic yellow and elegant white gold as well as in trendy rose gold. The 14ct gold pendants are particularly glamorous in combination with sparkling diamonds or shimmering pearls. The designs are as versatile as you are: Flowers, hearts, crosses or very simple creations await you in our online shop.

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Discover the variety of pendants made of 585 gold by THE JEWELLER

Whether simple basics that go with almost anything and can be worn every day or glamorous key pieces that immediately catch the eye - our category with pendants made of 585 gold contains not only classics but also the latest fashion statements. The pendants are delivered either individually or with an accompanying chain. Matching chains are always available in our shop. Gold pendants with sparkling stone trimmings, for example, are particularly noble and sophisticated. Sometimes even the eyelets of the pendant are glittering.

Material properties of 585 gold

The fineness of a gold piece of jewellery is revealed by its fineness. A pendant made of 585 gold has a fineness of 58.5 percent. It is therefore made of gold at this percentage. Information about the authenticity of a piece of jewellery is given by the fineness stamp applied directly to the respective jewellery. Further components are added to the pure gold. It contains an alloy, an admixture of silver, copper, cadmium, palladium or zinc. An alloy improves the hardness of the starting material. Even pure 585 gold has good material properties for jewellery: it melts and forms well and then hardens well. However, pure gold is relatively soft and such a piece of jewellery would therefore be less durable. Pendants in 585 gold are of lasting beauty. The colour selection is varied: bright white gold, strong yellow gold or bright rose gold. Depending on the gold alloy, different colour nuances are created, which create different types of pendants made of 585 gold.

convey personal messages with an individual engraving

The choice of motifs for the pendants made of 585 gold from THE JEWELLER is just as varied - popular motifs are hearts, for example. The pendants can often be engraved individually. A diamond or laser engraving is available for this purpose. In the more discreet diamond engraving, the text of your choice is carved into the material with a diamond. A laser engraving is more clearly visible, because for this the personal message is burned deeper into the material with a laser. Some pendants can be engraved on both sides. Occasionally, however, only the front or back can be engraved. The engraving possibilities depend on the size of the respective pendant and your own imagination. Data, initials, quotations, nicknames, first names or love messages can be engraved. Different fonts are available for engraving. An engraving turns a neutral pendant into a piece of jewellery with a personal touch. It is therefore also a nice gift for various occasions - such as birthdays, weddings or Valentine's Day - or for Christmas.