Puzzle Pendants

Puzzle Pendants

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Puzzle pendants are the perfect friendship and couple jewellery. They show the close connection between to people and remind of the respective person - even they are there. You can also have the puzzle pendants engraved by us so that you get unique pieces of jewellery with a very personal and individual touch. Explore our online store and find the perfect puzzle pendants to delight yourself and your favourite person.

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Puzzle pendants for special people

Jewellery does not always have to be just a beautiful accessory for oneself, it can also be a thing that can be ideally shared with others. This creates a double pleasure: You will receive a beautiful piece of jewellery for everyday life and special occasions and share this joy about this beautiful gem with another person who owns the counterpart. We are talking here about a puzzle pendant that consists of two pieces and is an excellent gift for friends, family members or godchildren. This kind of jewellery is a beautiful proof of good friendship, love or simply solidarity. The trailers in puzzle design also show the special connection to the outside and always remind the wearers of each part of the other. A nice way to say: "You are never alone". If you know a loved one with whom you would like to share this piece of jewellery, you can easily order the matching puzzle pendant from THE JEWELLER. Here you will find a large selection of high-quality pendants especially for couples, friends and acquaintances.

Pendant in puzzle design from the practical online shop

The trailers in puzzle design consist of two components which can be separated from each other, but which can be fitted exactly into each other again. So the owners can assure themselves again and again of their friendship and make their affection clear over the puzzle trailer. The pendants in puzzle design are made of 925 sterling silver, which has excellent properties for allergy sufferers. Since many people nowadays react to different metals with rashes or the like, the allergy-friendly silver is the perfect material, which also looks good. If you don't like the silver colouring, THE JEWELLER also offers gold-plated jewellery with the classic gold look.

Puzzle pendant with individual touch

If you like it even more personal, you can use the jewellery experts at THE JEWELLER to add a very special individual touch to the puzzle pendant, namely an engraving. Here it is possible to add a personal message, dedication or name to the puzzle-design pendants either by diamond or laser engraving. Thus, the two puzzle pendants are even more unmistakable and absolutely unique. Choose from THE JEWELLER's large selection of the most beautiful pendants for good friends, couples or family members and then pay for them in an uncomplicated way thanks to flexible payment options such as PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or with credit card and wait just a short period of time until the desired jewellery is at your home. An order value of more than 50 saves you the cost of shipping.