Titanium Rings

Titanium Rings

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Titanium has a high solidity, is corrosion-resistant and extremely light in weight. These positive properties make the material also popular in the jewellery sector. In addition, no allergies to pure titanium are known to date. In our online shop you will find titanium rings, which inspir through their appealing designs. They are ideal to be worn as partner rings. Some of the titanium rings are decorated with real diamonds, have a gilding or other high-quality coating.

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Titanium rings - robust and elegant at the same time

Rings say a lot about its wearer. Both man and woman do not want to do without this piece of jewellery in any case. That's why at THE JEWELLER you'll find an extensive selection of rings in a wide variety of materials that give you the opportunity to always find the right accessory. So do the matching titanium rings. A titanium ring has its very own characteristics, which characterize it as a high-quality piece of jewellery and yet it has to adapt itself individually in order to unfold its full effect. Therefore, find with us the suitable ring, which adapts to your character, your charisma and your wardrobe. In addition, you can look forward to attractive offers and special prices that you have never seen in this form in any other jewellery shop before. Find the right rings for you today and look forward to shipping on the same day.

Exclusive titanium ring in black

Even if we can offer you an extensive assortment of titanium rings, such as our stoneless titanium rings, you will especially like a model. Our exclusive titanium ring in black is currently very popular, as this model has all the advantages that such a ring must have. Exclusive rings made of titanium have a flat outer shape and a cambered inner shape. This offers you a particularly high wearing comfort that leaves nothing to be desired. With a thickness of 2.7 mm and a width of 6.5 mm, this ring has the right dimensions to give you the attention you need and yet not be too obtrusive. Available in the sizes 56 mm, 62 mm and 68 mm, many jewellery lovers can look forward to this ring in particular.

Rings in shiny titanium

But not only our titanium rings in black will convince you of the elegance and high quality of our products. A ring of titanium with or without stone provides the necessary attention. These rings also have a round outer shape and a curved inner shape, which ensures high wearing comfort. But the surface convinces through the advantages that make titanium the material. Titanium rings with individual engraving and shiny appearance are polished and look elegant and robust at the same time. Our models in glossy look are available in numerous variants and offer an optimal solution for every ring enthusiast. Additionally you have the possibility to use our individual engraving service for many models. This allows you to engrave a personal dedication in the ring in the standard procedure or with laser. All rings are supplied with a matching case to protect the ring.