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Diamond Ring

The diamond ring is characterised primarily by its diverse design possibilities. A ring set with diamonds can be made of gold, silver and platinum and also have different colour alloys. What distinguishes the rings most is the different diamonds set in them. These can differ in size, clarity, cut and colour as well as in the number of diamonds set. In diamond rings, the brilliant and princess cuts are particularly popular, resulting in stones that are either round or oval in shape. If the rings have a single larger diamond in the centre, it is often set in a claw setting. However, there are also bezel settings that completely enclose the stone on the side. If there are several rows of diamonds, the pavé setting is the most suitable. Rings with diamonds set in the entire ring rail are also called eternity rings, because they have no beginning and no end. Diamond rings are popular as engagement and wedding rings, but can also be used to give a gift to someone special or to oneself. Due to the shine and sparkle, they put the focus directly on the hand and create an eyecatcher there. In addition to diamonds, other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds can also be set, which then provide a colourful accent.