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As the name suggests, the earcuff belongs to the category of ear jewellery. Often also known as ear clip, the earcuff has become a real trend piece. Its basic shape resembles a classic earring, which runs around the ear from the front to the back. Unlike the earring, the earcuff often has a small opening or interruption, which makes it easy to wear even without an ear hole. The earcuff is put on by sliding it over the top of the auricle and then pulling it down to the desired position. By slightly bending the earcuff, it can be additionally fixed, even if this is not necessary in most cases. Less common, but also available under the name earcuff, are models that are attached to the ear with a thin pin. But not only the types of closure differ, the models could not be more different from each other. Whether small or large, whether discreet or striking, whether rosé, gold or silver - the choice is large. Added to this are details such as pearls, gemstones or glass elements, which give Earcuffs a special touch of design. To attract all eyes, the earcuff is often worn individually, on just one ear. But it can also convince on both ears or in combination with other models.