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Pearl Bracelet

A classic fashion item that has been around for a long time is the pearl bracelet. The used pearls can be of cultivated as well as natural origin. Natural pearls are classically round, but oval and irregular variants, also called baroque pearls, are common as well. Basically, however, the more perfect the shape of the pearl, the higher quality and more exquisite it is. Pearls made of shells and oysters are often white, but they can also be grey or black and shimmer (also called pearl luster). The colour also depends on the type of shell and the environmental conditions that prevail in the sea or fresh water. Pearl bracelets often consist exclusively of strung pearls, which then have a classic and timeless look. However, this row can also include interruptions in the form of gemstones, zirconia or pendants. Multi-row bracelets with pearls are also very popular. These can be mixed with other stones or wrapped around the arm. Pearl bracelets are suitable for numerous outfits and occasions and always add a classic accent to the wrist. However, they should be taken off during sports, as pearls are very delicate and susceptible to damage and scratches. Pearls are best cleaned with clear water and dried with a soft cloth.