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Pearl Bead

Pearl beads belong to the category of beads, i.e. pieces of jewellery that are strung on a bracelet or necklace designed for this purpose and create a particularly individual piece of jewellery. Beads are usually round elements with a hole in the middle through which the bracelet is threaded. The hole is usually lined with another material, often high-quality 925 silver. The rest of a pearl bead is then the pearl, as the name suggests. Pearls are particularly suitable for beads because they already have the right, round shape. In addition, pearls offer a wide range of colours, so that different looks can be achieved with pearl beads. It is precisely this quest for individual jewellery that does not resemble the standardised pieces of the design lines that can be pursued through bead bracelets, also called charm bracelets. Pearls and other beads can be easily exchanged, giving the entire bracelet a new character by changing its appearance. Owners of such jewellery are decisively involved in the design of their own jewellery. Pearl beads are a particularly colourful and high-quality option here.