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Sapphire Glass

To protect the dial from external influences, every watch needs a watch glass. Sapphire glass is used for this purpose in some watches. This is synthetically produced sapphire and not glass in the true sense of the word. The gemstone attracts particular attention because of its high scratch resistance and resistance when it comes to protecting the movement. Abrasions on the sapphire crystal are usually not scratches, but traces of other soft materials left on the crystal. They can easily be removed with an eraser. The only disadvantage of this variant is the strong refraction of light, which can lead to unwanted reflections. In the meantime, however, it is possible to avoid this with a special coating. Therefore, when buying watches with sapphire crystal, you should make sure that it has an anti-reflective coating. There are also watches with domed sapphire crystal, which is even more resistant than the normal one. With normal everyday wear and appropriate care, the sapphire crystal will remain beautiful and without scratches for a long time.

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