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Thumb Ring

The thumb ring is basically nothing more than a ring like any other, except that it is worn on the thumb. The thumb is usually not a finger for a ring, which is partly due to common conventions and partly to the anatomy of the thumb itself. The thumb differs from the other fingers by the absence of a third limb, which makes it much shorter. In addition, the thumb is wider and stronger than the other fingers. Due to the special shape of the thumb, a ring for this finger must also have special characteristics. A thumb ring must be larger than ordinary rings so that it fits on the thumb and also has a firm fit there. In addition, thumb rings are wider than other rings so that they catch the eye at the sturdiest finger and do not look out of place. Thumb rings are exclusive pieces of jewellery that can be preserved in high quality and can be made from all common materials for jewellery. The most common thumb rings, however, are made of silver or stainless steel.