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Unique High-quality engagement ring sterling silver zirconia VR0018SL

High-quality engagement ring made of sterling silver. The ring is decorated with a zirconia, which with its diameter of 4.75mm corresponds to a 0.43 carat diamond. The ring can be laser engraved inside. Its surface is rhodium-plated, which protects it from tarnishing.
Model Number VR0018SL
Colour silver
Colour (gemstone) white
Brand Unique
Material Sterling Silver
Ringsize 50 mm - 58 mm
Weight approx. 2.5 g
Thickness 1.2 mm
Stone Type Zirconia

The offered piece of jewellery can be engraved. You can select the different engraving options in the drop-down menu. You can choose from 8 fonts for your engraving. The number of characters is limited. If you cannot enter any more characters, the limit is reached.

Diamond and laser engraving

A diamond engraving is colourless and is carved into the material in relief with a diamond. With laser engraving, on the other hand, the engraving is burned into the material with a laser beam. The longevity and also the font colour of the laser engraving depends on the exact material composition. The colour of the laser engraving is caused by the dust of the burned material. Accordingly, a fading of the font color is completely normal - of course the engraving and thus also your desired text remains visible.

Please note that engraved items are excluded from exchange and return. We therefore strongly recommend that you have your required size (ring size, bracelet length, etc.) determined in advance. If you are still unsure, we will send you the piece of jewellery unengraved for a fitting. We are happy to engrave the article afterwards against the corresponding surcharge. Please keep in mind that in this case there will be new shipping costs.

Engraving does not prolong the delivery time of the product.
Engraving size

A prerequisite for the engraving of a piece of jewellery is that it has a large enough engraving surface. The size and position of the engraving depend on the dimensions of the respective piece of jewellery. Size and position of the engraving are individually adapted to the engraving surface by our experienced engravers. When ordering several pieces together, our engravers may consider the size of the other piece of jewellery. This means that the font size and position of the engraving (to the already received piece of jewellery) may differ when reordering later.
case service
This item is delivered with a free high-quality velvet case. You have the choice between four high-quality cases for your engagement ring.

Etui-Service engagement rings
Total Rating:
  4 Reviews
4.5 of 5
sehr gut
of written on 5/31/2014
Schöner ring und guter Versand
0 of 0 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Schlichter, aber dennoch traumhaft schöner Ring. Zieht Blicke an.
of written on 1/26/2014
0 of 1 Customers think of this review as helpful.
Preis Leistung OK, Gravur jedoch ein mega Reinfall
of written on 9/25/2015
Der Ring wird im Video sehr pompös dargestellt ist jedoch was Preis Leistung betrifft normal. Jedoch die Gavur geht gar nicht. 15 eure extra für 7 Buchstaben. Dann sind diese 7 Buchstaben so klein zusammen gedrückt das man eine Lupe braucht um den Namen lesen zu können. Der Silberstempel ist so groß wie der Name. Schrift ist maximal ca. 5mm auf 2mm und das in einem 54er Ring. Wenn man weiß was es heißen soll kann man das gravierte lesen sonst nicht. Schade
2 of 2 Customers think of this review as helpful.
muss leider noch nachgefasst werden.
of written on 1/26/2015
Der Steinbesatz muss noch nachgefasst werden. Mir wurde eig. zur Prüfung angeboten aber selbst die Versandkosten würde man selber tragen müssen. Habe dann dementsprechend nicht gemacht. Ansonsten ist alles gut.
1 of 1 Customers think of this review as helpful.

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