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Are you looking for exclusive jewellery that is ethically correct? Then this place is right for you! In our online shop you will find engagement rings, which are set with lab-grown diamonds. These are the result of an innovative process and have the same properties, the same sparkle and the same hardness as natural diamonds. Even a diamond expert cannot tell the difference between the two stones. Lab-grown diamonds offer the advantage that they are more environmentally friendly and always conflict-free.

Engagement rings by Brilladia FairJewel – symbols of love

You are planning to make a marriage proposal and are looking for a ring to make this moment memorable? Then our Brilladia FairJewel engagement rings could be exactly what you need! The rings have a classic design with lab-grown diamonds. With them a new era for the diamond jewellery sector has begun: These laboratory-grown diamonds not only offer a financial advantage compared to natural grown diamonds, but are also more ecological as well as completely conflict-free. Just as natural diamonds, Brilladia FairJewels are made of 100% carbon. Therefore, they are an outstanding alternative to diamonds, which are grown in a mine. Almost all of the engagement rings can be engraved, which makes them perfectly suited for lovely messages. With laser engraving the layers of the material are removed by means of a laser. The resulting dust is immediately branded into the jewellery, which creates the font colour.

Brilladia FairJewel engagement rings – fantastically beautiful

Exclusive and flawless – that’s what the engagement rings from Brilladia FairJewel are. The lab-grown diamonds have the same features and characteristics as natural diamonds and show the same fire, the same hardness as well as the same unmistakable sheen. There is no difference visible to the naked eye between a natural and a lab-grown diamond, which are used for our Brilladia FairJewel engagement rings. A positive aspect of the lab-grown diamonds is that they are more ecological as natural diamonds, because mining diamonds can strain different resources. The most important characteristics of a diamond – either natural or lab-grown – are cut, colour, clarity and carat. The colour of diamonds is classified via a standardised colour scale. It ranges from D (superfine white) to Z (maximum tinted yellow). Diamonds with colours deeper than Z are considered Fancy Diamonds. In nearly all cases, the processed stones from THE JEWELLER fall under the category of G (fine white). The clarity of a diamond is defined by the number and size of inclusions within the stone. Almost all of our diamonds fall under the category small inclusions. That means, that the inclusions are visible with tenfold magnification under the microscope, yet not with the naked eye. The number of carats expresses the weight of gemstones and is not to be confused with the number of carats, which stands for the purity of gold. The number of carats only indicates the weight and not the size of the diamond.

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Benefit from the advantages from us as online jeweller: With us, you have all the time in the world to find a suitable engagement ring from Brilladia FairJewel. Our online shop is completely independent from working hours, Sundays or Holidays – shopping couldn’t be more pleasing. Furthermore, we from THE JEWELLER make sure that you feel secure and well advised. Therefore, we strictly pay attention to compliance with our quality standards and manually check every piece of jewellery before it leaves our warehouse. Let yourself be amazed by the exclusive engagement rings in our online shop and find the ring, that will make your marriage proposal perfect.