Brilladia FairJewel pendants

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Absolutely enchanting - these are our beautiful pendants with lab-grown diamonds from Brilladia FairJewel! Made of gold, they inspire with elegant designs and a breathtaking sparkle. The lab-grown diamonds have the same value-determining properties as mined diamonds and are also completely conflict-free and resource-saving thanks to their innovative method of creation in the laboratory. Find your perfect companion now in THE JEWELLER's online shop.


The highlight of our Brilladia FairJewel pendants are the lab-grown diamonds. They are held in classic bezel settings or delicate prong settings with four or six prongs and can be hung on different necklaces made of yellow, white or rose gold. This means that there is a Brilladia FairJewel diamond pendant to suit every taste and style. Go on a discovery tour at THE JEWELLER’s online shop and let yourself be enchanted by our selection of pendants! And do not miss our gorgeous engagement rings or earrings with lab-grown diamonds from Brilladia FairJewel.


Lab-grown diamonds are conquering the world. What takes millions of years in nature can now be achieved within a few weeks using innovative processes. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with a different origin. Their physical, chemical and optical properties are identical to mined diamonds. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are assessed according to the same criteria as natural diamonds from the mine. The most important criteria that determine the value of a diamond are the so-called 4 C's - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. A natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond with the same characteristics regarding the 4 C's can only be distinguished by experienced experts with a special device. Lab-grown diamonds do not differ from natural diamonds in their value-determining characteristics, but at the same time they offer some advantages. The necessary use of energy and resources is considerably lower for the lab-grown variety. Lab-grown diamonds are also always conflict-free. Made into elegant pieces of jewellery, our pendants with lab-grown diamonds from Brilladia FairJewel add stylish accents to your outfits. Let yourself be inspired by the large selection of diamond pendants at THE JEWELLER's online shop and find the jewellery of your dreams today!


Sustainable jewellery is becoming more and more popular. Do you also fancy fine jewellery creations of high quality that have as little impact on the environment as possible? Then Brilladia FairJewel pendants with lab-grown diamonds offer you just that! Our Brilladia FairJewel pendants are an ecological and cost-efficient alternative to conventional diamond pendants. The good thing about them is that they are in no way inferior to natural diamonds from the mine. Take a look around our large assortment and let yourself be enchanted. Our team at THE JEWELLER will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions.