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PANDORA ME Collection

Jewellery from the PANDORA ME collection at THE JEWELLER

With PANDORA ME, the brand has created a collection that is hard to beat in terms of individuality. Fans of combinable jewellery can give free rein to their creativity here and experiment with styling links, mini-dangles, medallions and connectors until they find their favourite look - time and time again. Design the pieces of jewellery that perfectly underline your personality now!

Individual jewellery creations by PANDORA ME

Are you looking for jewellery that perfectly expresses your personality? Then PANDORA ME is the right choice for you. Because the message of this collection is: show who you are. Diverse jewellery pieces made of sterling silver or PANDORA ROSE, a 14k rose gold-plated metal blend provide you with endless possibilities for absolutely unique styles. Experiment with different colours, materials and symbols to create an unmistakable look. The trendy jewellery creations of PANDORA ME are often covered with colourful accents of enamel in beautiful colours like blue, purple and orange. Cubic zirconia stones in different colours provide sparkling highlights. Whether modern, playful or bold - be everything you want to be with the PANDORA ME jewellery collection. THE JEWELLER’s online shop has a great variety of trendy accessories for you. Take a look around our online shop and let yourself be inspired.

Be your authentic self with jewellery from the PANDORA ME collection

Cool vibes and trendy designs - the PANDORA ME collection has it all. This collection by PANDORA is all about your individual style. The jewellery creations are wild and colourful, like life itself, and can be easily combined with each other. The results are casual styles for everyday wear or a perfect festival look that expresses pure joy. PANDORA ME is characterised by modern link chain necklaces and link chain bracelets as well as fashionable ear jewellery and rings. The special thing about these pieces of jewellery is that they can easily be complemented with a styling connector, styling links or pendants. By integrating styling links or double links, you can extend bracelets and necklaces. Styling word links also allow you to express what is important to you. The cool statements are incorporated into the links and turn your PANDORA ME jewellery into a trendy eye-catcher. Various styling connectors can give your necklaces and bracelets a new shape or length. In addition, beautiful medallions and mini-dangles can be added to your jewellery pieces. But not only PANDORA ME bracelets and necklaces can be styled, ear jewellery and rings can also be given a gorgeous look. Creoles can be combined with medallion pendants, mini dangles or links. PANDORA ring stacks are eye-catching as well. You can connect up to three of your favourite rings with the help of a ring connector and style them with up to three different mini dangles. As you can see, there are no limits to your creativity! Take a look around THE JEWELLER’s online shop today and find jewellery from PANDORA ME that suits you.

PANDORA ME - Trendy jewellery for your unique self

Customisable pieces of jewellery in modern designs - that is the successful concept of the Danish jewellery brand PANDORA. The brand’s new collection PANDORA ME has a youthful flair that is all about individuality. With the styling power of the PANDORA ME jewellery pieces, you can create unique looks that express your personality. In THE JEWELLER’s online shop, you can shop regardless of opening hours and have your favourite pieces of jewellery delivered to your home - quickly and easily. Discover the diversity of PANDORA ME jewellery in our online shop and let yourself be enchanted!