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Medallions are often used to store small souvenirs, love messages or photos. In our assortment you will find a large selection of necklaces with medallions, which will inspire you with their various designs. They are made of gold or 925 silver and are partly decorated with sparkling zirconia stones or other high-quality gemstones. Explore our online shop and find the perfect necklace with a locket for you and your little secrets.

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Necklace with medallion - jewel with a long tradition

Whether a photo or a curl of a loved one - a medallion enjoys a long tradition and makes it possible to always carry a part of this person with you and keep it safe. Take up this old tradition again and find a necklace with medallion at THE JEWELLER. A large selection of high-quality jewellery awaits you here. Take a look at each necklace with medallion pendant, which is characterised by best quality and at the same time offered at attractive conditions. Because high-quality jewellery does not necessarily have to be associated with high prices, as our model SP0432SLK proves. Each necklace with medallion is made of the finest 925 silver, so that you can be sure to enjoy the newly acquired piece of jewellery over a long period of time. Whether as a fashion accessory for yourself or as a gift for a loved one: A medallion is the ideal choice at any time, sets skilful accents and completes every look.

Necklaces with medallion pendants in a large selection

THE JEWELLER has a large selection of necklaces with medallion pendants ready for you. Browse through the range and find your very own personal favourite. Whether medallions in round and oval form or variations in which the pendant comes in the shape of a heart: the choice is yours. Each necklace with medallion is decorated with pretty decorations, can be opened easily and offers space for a small souvenir. You want to profit from a very special souvenir? Then have your piece of jewellery engraved. Choose between a discreet diamond engraving or a particularly high-quality laser engraving and design a piece of jewellery entirely according to your individual ideas. Whether the name of a loved one, an important date or a personal saying: Choose a necklace with pendant in the form of a medallion and benefit from a souvenir with added value.

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To help you find the right piece of jewellery quickly and easily, THE JEWELLER offers you a practical filter option in the shop. So you have the possibility to define the length of the chain, to limit the price or to choose between different stone settings. One mouse click is enough to display only the necklaces with medallion pendants that match your criteria. Not only the selection at THE JEWELLER will convince you. The flexible payment methods also speak in favour of ordering from an online jeweller. You can pay your new chain with medallion by prepayment, instant bank transfer, PayPal, Amazon Payments, credit card or invoice.