Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings pr creoles are considered to be real classics when it comes to ear jewellery. They are real eye-catchers and match numerous looks. In our assortment you will find hoop earrings for ladies as well as for men. In addition, some are adorned with sparkling zirconia stones or appealing pendants. The designs range from timelessly elegant, to sophisticated and playful, up to distinctive. Let yourself be inspired by the large selection of jewellery in our online shop and find the creoles that perfectly round off your look.

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Creoles with secure and practical closure

A creole is a round earring with a snap closure. The creole is closed with this practical snap closure and thus sits securely on the ear. This ear jewellery therefore has a built-in safety system, so to speak, because this type of closure means that the creole is lost less often. If you want to take the jewellery off again, it works just as easily. The Creole's flap fastener can easily be folded upwards and opened again with the practical flap fastener.

High-quality and scratch-resistant: stainless steel creoles

Stainless steel is known as a robust and therefore very durable material. So you can enjoy your creoles made of stainless steel for a long time. Whether high-gloss polished or matt - stainless steel is characterised by its timeless beauty and will therefore probably never go out of fashion. As the stainless steel earrings come into direct contact with the skin, one should - especially allergic persons - choose nickel-free stainless steel earrings. It is also advisable to ensure that the ear jewellery is rhodium-plated. Thus stainless steel jewelry has a sufficient tarnish protection and one has longer pleasure in it.

Different designs for every taste

Creoles are available in many different designs - the colours, shapes and sizes vary greatly. There are pieces of jewellery with larger and smaller diameters. Monochrome earrings are as popular as creoles, some of which are gold-plated. This can result in an interesting colour mix. Creoles that have been blackened by the so-called IBP process (Ionic Black Plating) set special colour accents. In addition, the pieces of jewellery can also be decorated with gemstones. Patterns can also be applied - whether stars or flowers, there are no limits to your imagination. The pattern can also result from the arrangement of zirconia stones and thus gives the jewellery a very individual design. Engravings are also possible and can be realized according to individual wishes. Creoles can therefore be combined in many ways and are not subject to a clear style - from classic to modern, there is a product to suit every taste. Enjoy browsing through THE JEWELLER's comprehensive range of earrings.